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Best White Stripes Album / 5
This is the best album of theirs. Its full of lessons and tales of life and experience.

1. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground- 10/10 Great song.
2. Hotel Yorba- 10/10- Country tune with a very vibrant story. Its great and fun.
3. I'm Finding it Hard to be a Gentlemen- 9.5/10 Great song and very addictive riff.
4. Fell in Love with a Girl 10/10- Incredibly addictive to listen to.
5. Expecting- 9/10- A great riff. It almost seems similair to "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin.
6. Little Room- 8/10- This is just Jack singing while the drums play. I still like it because hte vocals sound really good with the beat. Its actually pretty good even if it is incredibly minimalist. Thats their style and they do it very well.
7. The Union Forever- 9/10 Awesome song about a heartbreak. Really awesome stuff. It starts off slow and then breaks out in a grungey refrain. Awesome!
8. The Same Boy You've Always Known- 9/10 Really good love song.
9. We're Going to Be Friends- 10/10 Chances are you've heard this song somewhere. It's a great love tale following up The Same Boy You've Always Known
10. Offend In Every Way- 10/10 In my opinion this is the best song on the album. Its about Jack White's talking voice offending people because it is so diferent than his singing voice. Its hilarious because the lyrics are very literal.
11. I Think I Smell a Rat- 6/10 The only bad song on here. I hate it absolutely. Lyrics suck and the whole music is bad here.
12. Aluminum- 8/10 Cool effects song. This is a really neat. You may not like it at first but afterwords you'll really enjoy it.
13. I Can't Wait- 9/10 Good song. Not a fan of the simple lyrics.
14. Now Mary- 10/10 Seriously awesome song. Great stuff right here.
15. I Can Learn- 10/10 Great stuff here. Awesome song about marriage. Has a lot of meaning here behind the lyrics. "I wish we were stuck in a tree, then we'd know it was nice below".
16. This Protector- 10/10 Is in the style very much of their Get Behind Me Satan. Unlike The Nurse in that album, this song is done very well. Great job on this song. Artistic and beatiful sounding.

Song "Offend In Every Way"
I'm patient of this plan
as humble as I can
I'll wait another day
before I turn awaya
but know this much is true
no matter what I do
offend in every way
I don't know what to say

You tell me to relax
and listen to these facts
that everyone's my friend
and will be till the end
but know this much is true
no matter what I do
no matter what I say
offend in every way

I'm walking through the door
but they're expecting more
of an interesting man
and sometimes I think I can
but how much can I fake
I'll speak until I break
with every word I say
offend in every way

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