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Amazon offers Shades (Audio CD),02 April, 1991
Great Music J.J. Cale List price $18.99
Classic and fresh J.J.Cale / 5
"Shades" is classic and fresh Cale. J.J. usually supplies consistently good music, but with "Shades" we are given a Cale album with added excuberance. There are the characteristic low, breathy, mellow grooves of songs like "Deep Dark Dungeon" and "Pack My Jack", full of Cale's nonchalant wisdom. Then we have the sweet tones of love songs like "Wish I Had Not Said That", reminiscent of the tenderness of "Magnolia". There is the dry, natural humour of "Mama Don't", and the positive punch of "Carry On". To top it all off there is the instrumental, "Cloudy Day", which needs no lyrical assistance for its evocation of melancholy. The musicianship on "Shades" is superb, and the quality of the production is good. The music has a natural and relaxed feel to it, and includes a variety of styles, from country-rock to cool jazz-blues. Excellent album. Very pleasing to the palate!
Song "Nobody Knows"

Words that we say could all be lies someday
Scattered to the wind, i don't know
Things that we trust could crumble into dust
No one can really say it ain't so
When you go over a mountain
When you're looking down the road
When you think you're going backwards
It's all in vain, it seems insane
When you ask, nobody knows
If our actions seem in doubt
By the way we move about
Seems like we're always on the run
Our mark is just a scratch
Like holding up a match
And trying to see the burn against the sun
When we're going over a mountain
When we're looking down the road
If you think you're going backwards

It's all in vain, it seems insane
When you ask, nobody knows
When all our days are gone
You can catch us with a song
Something that seemed almost right
We've known love and joy
Eternity's been our toy
Something to play with in the night
When we're going over a mountain
When we're looking down the road
If you think you're going backwards
It's all in vain, it seems insane
When you ask, nobody knows
When i go over my mountain
When i'm looking down the road
If i think i'm going backwards
It's all in vain, it seems insane
When i ask, nobody knows

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