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Blind Faith
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The Best Albulm, Ever / 5
This albulm is, in my opinion the best album ever produced. Everyone should have this album, I don't care what kind of music you like. There are only six songs on the album, but the instrumentation, vocals and lyrics are all perfect. Each song has great lyrics, guitar riffs, etc. I believe that Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton and Stevie Woodwind are the greatest trio of artists ever to grace the stage at the same time. If you think that Eric Clapton was great as a solo arist, listen to this album and then think again. Most people know who Eric Clapton is but many don't know of Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominos, or even Cream. Also many have not heard the incredible percussion of Ginger Baker or the overall musical talent of Stevie Woodwind. EVERYONE needs to buy this album, and I also highly recommend "Fresh Cream" and "Disreali Gears" by Cream.

From the opening riff of "Had to Cry Today," the soothing "Can't Find My Way Home," the upbeat "Well... All Right," The classic "Presence of the Lord," Magical "Sea of Joy," to the final chanting of "Do What You Like," this album absolutely rocks! Every song has the potential to become your favorite. I guarentee you will not be disapointed with this album.

Song "Presence of the Lord"

I have finally found a way to live
Just like I never could before
I know that I don't have much to give
But I can open any door
Everbody knows the secret
Everybody knows the score yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh
I have finally found a way to live
In the colour of the Lord

I have finally found a place to live
Just like I never could before
And I know I don't have much to give
But soon I'll open any door
Everbody knows the secret
Everybody knows the score
I have finally found a place to live oh
In the presence of the Lord
In the presence of the Lord

I have finally found a way to live
Just like I never could before
And I'm giving all I've got to give
But I can open any door
Everybody knows the story
I said everybody knows the score
I have finally found a way to live
In the colour of the Lord
In the colour of the Lord

Blind Faith
Blind Faith reviews. ... Introduction. ALBUM REVIEWS:. 1969: Blind Faith. Disclaimer: this page is not written from the point of view of a Blind Faith ...
Blind Faith
Blind Faith. review | posted February 26, 2004 (March 15, 2004 issue). Blind Faith. Stuart Klawans. PRINT THIS ARTICLE · EMAIL THIS ARTICLE ...
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