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Austin City Limits: Charlie Sexton
Includes photo, and appearances information.
Never Ending Tour Band, The
Charlie Workhorse, article by Chris Riemenschneider, for the American-Statesman, and photo page.
Gibson.com: The Evolution of Charlie Sexton
Interview with the artist by Lisa Sharken. Includes photographs.
Never Ending Tour Band, The: Charlie Sexton
Photographs of the artist.
Breakdown of the guitarists' effects rig when in the Arc Angels, with technition Alan Durham.
Amazon offers Under the Wishing Tree (Audio CD),28 March, 1995
Great Music Charlie Sexton List price $9.98
Wishing Tree Bearing Fruit / 5
This work drifted into earshot after reading more closely Dylan's insightful notes in,'Biograph' where Sexton's prodigious talents get passing mention. Little did I know that said Charlie was to figure as guitar support with one of Dylan's touring bamds in the 90s. Following the most oblique and casual remarks of Dylan has always been rewarding. It helped me stumble on his buddy, James Dickerson's brilliant,'Free Beer Tomorrow'. And so to Sexton, whose ,'Wishing Tree' gloves beutifully with,'Free Beer', if your into a souther-fried sort of mood. There is so much quality music issuing from the Lone Star State it's just not feasible, granted the size of the entertainment market, for all wannabes to get the big spotlight. But Sexton is decidely worthy of a brighter beam than has, thus far, fallen on him. The panoramic, atmospheric scape of the Lanois school of sound is evident throughout. Someone has been listening to their ,'Joshu Tree' to great effect.'Neighbourhood' and the title track kick off the set and its hold is sustained throughout. I love the despairing,'Everyone Will Crawl's' dream of flying where the singer climbs a moutain, sneaks up on a man with his notebook of stone. It's quasi religious mutterings of first learning the humble path of crawling strike as aptly expressing the simple, but far from simplistic honesty of Sexton's muse. Jim Crace's book,'Quarantine' came to mind. It's a generous sampling and if I have a quibble (as with the lengthy Joseph Arthur's,'Redemption's Son') I'd have left the last two tracks for another date to toughen the impact.
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Bob Dylan - Bob Links - Reviews - 04/08/02
... acoustic guitar that was matched by Charlie Sexton's. Charlie matched Bob's riffs, ... And contrary to reviews of the first two shows on this tour, ...
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Buy CHARLIE SEXTON - Charlie Sexton (cassette single) at eil.com / esprit. ... No comments, reviews or questions have been posted for this product ...
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